10 Brass Essentials for Boho Chic

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Boho Chic continues into Fall and we've picked 10 brass essentials that include new and classic brass earrings, textured bracelets and earthy crystal necklaces for all manner of bohemian goddesses. And lest not forget accents for deeper hues on sweaters, scarves and jackets.

The 10 Brass Essentials
Let's get to it - Stack our textured rings and bracelets for a rich boho vibe. One or two pieces work for a more dainty appeal.

1. Tree of Life Ring 3. Baby Bee Ring
RG9206RTE* RG2666
2. Lace Butterfly Ring 4. Byzantine Ring
RG2619* RG3650BJ
5. Flower Bud Bracelet
6. Lace Overlay Cuff

Crystal Pendants and Mixed Metals
Much can be said about natural crystals - They reflect light so beautifully, creating that airy and magical feel. We've got two new darling crystal pendants as shown below. A mixed metal chain is the perfect base layer. We also tacked on one more - It's a goldstone bracelet that is classic boho, feminine and fits the wrist so well.

7. Fleur d'Crystal Necklace 9. Substantial Chain
NK2509 NK8530*
(See also the Mixed Chain)
8. Crystal Beaded Rope 10. Crystal Power Pendant
NK2333CR NK2510
11. Flower Garden Bracelet

Earrings and More

With so many earrings to choose from, we recommend these best sellers: Brass hammered hoops for all occasion boho and the unique Meteorite Falling Earrings.

There are plenty more to choose from - please call us if you have any questions or want any pointers.

You'll need to be logged in as a wholesale customer to see wholesale products on our website - simply sign up - it's easy. Note that all products with an asterisk (*) are only available by catalog/phone at this time. Happy Layering!

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