Introducing The Bauble Bar

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Fashionable & Flexible
Baubles are fashionable, easy to wear, and are low-priced options that come with a lot of flexibility. Available in over 15 styles that are mostly priced between $8 and $11, baubles can be a cost-effective way to boost sales. They can be clasped as a pendant onto one of our two base necklaces or onto any chain or rope that you choose. Baubles can also be worn as charms on bracelets, belts or suspenders.

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Mix & Match Baubles with Brass Ropes
We have an an array of designs of stylish short and long brass chains. You can find our two base necklaces - Elegant Base Necklace and Filigree Cord Base Necklace online. For more beautiful brass chains see page 15 of the Visions catalog.

Displaying Your Bauble Bar
The clasp-and-go concept gives your customers an array of fashion options, and who doesn't like more options? And, you can be inventive with displaying baubles and chains. We use a tower (as shown below) for hanging the chains and a cheval-style bracketed stand in a gold finish for the baubles. But there are many possibilities, and we'd be more than happy to work with you to create your own unique Bauble Bar.

If you're interested in purchasing a tower for your chains, please let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.

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