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The Eye of Providence
Jan's world inspired designs propel us through time and space to vibrant epochs, places, and people. Time travel with us as we take a look at the myth, symbols and mystery behind our mystical Eye Pin featured in our new short film.

The Eye Pin

The centuries-old Eye of Providence is most often depicted with a realistic eye, surrounded by a triangle, sunbursts and/or clouds. Called the 'All Seeing Eye' in religious periods, it is said to bestow benevolent guidance and protection from a higher power. The rays of sun represent not only physical illumination, but also the awakening of our spirits.

The Eye - A Signpost for Revolution
The Eye has been ascribed to some of the world's most significant events, such as the French Revolution. A famous 18th century engraving called 'La Raison' shows a Goddess Mother in the mouth of a Lion while the Eye of Providence covers her Heart - This captured the bloody and lengthy French Revolution that led to the collapse of entrenched monarchies in France and the rest of Europe.

What's perhaps most fascinating is that we see the Eye of Providence everyday on the back of the US $1 bill. Designed in 1792, the Eye is an integral part of the the Great Seal of the United States. It was placed above an unfinished pyramid that has 13 steps - Each step represents one of the 13 original colonies.

Not long after the Great Seal was designed and approved, The Eye of Providence was officially adopted by the Freemasons. Suspicions have ensued for years that the Freemasons influenced the design of the Great Seal, but no clear evidence has ever surfaced.

Eye of Horus?
The Eye of Providence is not to be confused with the Eye of Horus, ancient Egypt's sacred symbol for protection, good health and power - mainly for the royal dynasty. Horus was the sky god and was depicted with a head of a falcon - His left eye represented the moon, and the right eye the sun. Did the Eye of Horus inspire the Eye of Providence? Historians say most likely not.

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