Jan Spotting: 42nd St. & 5th Ave.

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The majestic flagship building for the New York Public Library, the fourth largest library in the world, is in the heart of midtown NYC. Easily recognized by the twin Tennessee marble lions that flank the main entrance and the jaw-dropping grandeur of the Rose Main Reading Room.

The Jan Michaels collection at the Library's Readers & Writers gift shop echoes the art and antiquity meticulously preserved in the countless volumes that line the shelves.

Visitors from around the globe will find a treasure of engraved brass lockets, cameos, pins and brooches in a swirl of nature motifs, ornate curiosities, and gemstones from far-flung locales.

A Plush Display at NYPL

At the Online Library Shop

In addition to the plush display, the online Library shop is also featuring the Sparrow Pin and Suffragette Bracelet, which honors and celebrates the women at the turn of the century who fought tirelessly for the right to vote.

Customer Service
Jan Michaels, Inc.
PH: 1-800-971-7717
FX: 650-359-9991


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