Holding Hands for the Earth Foundation

Jan Michaels helps to ensure that women's and children's rights are honored here in the U.S. and across the world. Their rights are often in jeopardy, ignored and suppressed because of religious beliefs, wars, laws and local customs.

A woman's right to autonomy over her body, to vote, hold public office, to work and garner equal wages, own property and receive an education are at every moment somewhere in the world in dispute or at its most extreme non-existent.

Last year, Jan Michaels donated up to $16,000 to activist groups who are working towards protecting these rights. Purchasing and wearing jewelry provides meaningful help in furthering women's rights - So simply by shopping on the Jan Michaels website you are helping, too. Our donation list includes Doctors without Borders, AmfAR, Project Open Hand, KPFA, and Planned Parenthood.