Shadow Boxes - New 2017 Collection

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The Brightest Flame Casts the Darkest Shadow
Jan has created up an "over the top" collection of statement pins and necklaces featuring 'Shadow Boxes. ' The jewelry integrates glass lockets, each with dimensional symbolism and timeless motifs, each uniquely transporting.

These handmade beauties made in the SF Bay Area can also be personalized - Place a shell, sand, flower or picture into the locket as a keepsake.

Each piece is a collage showing off the tone and tinge of our signature antiqued brass. Each piece tells a story about ancient symbols and the cyclical, mythical journeys that connect us all. Some of Jan's favorite pieces showcase the Buddha, a mermaid in seaweed with a magical faceted glass diving bell, roses and spirits, and tempting Egyptian artifacts. As always, stack for maximum effect!

Shop Shadow Boxes

Shop Shadow Boxes

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Shadow Boxes // Sizzle Factor: Butterfly Lair

Shadow Boxes - Pins

Jan stacks multiple shadow boxes and coordinates with all-metal cuffs, earrings and rings.

The Mindless State Pin, Butterfly Collector Brooch

Angular Hoop Earrings

Grape Vine Necklace

Etched Detail Cuff

Stud Ring, Cut-out Ring, Buddha Ring, Book Ring, Planet Earth Ring, Beaded Stone Ring

Shadow Boxes / Sizzle Factor: Sea Nymph & Textured Roses

Shadow Boxes - Pins & Enhancers

Our lovely muse Karina wears a solitary but attention-grabbing shadow box pin on a low-cut dress with matching rings.

Bathing Beauty Brooch, Butterfly Collector Brooch, Dragon of Fortune Pin

Tango Earrings

Etched Detail Cuff

Fire Agate Ring, Coralesque Ring, Freeform Ring

Shadow Boxes - Necklaces // Sizzle Factor: Glass Lockets

Shadow Boxes - Necklaces

Shadow Boxes are glass lockets that reveal timeless motifs, including sitting Buddhas, winged serpents and oceanic nymphs.

Mermaid Diving Necklace, Winged Spirit Necklace

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