Mermaids, Sirens & Tectonics

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New Directions for Fall 2016 at ATS NY (#2221)
We're showing 4 new trends for Fall 2016 at ATS NY and the stones have never been more sumptuous and stand-out. Some designs are in limited supply so be sure to get your orders in even if you won't be attending the show. You can order by phone at 1-800-971-7717.

We're working on adding ALL of our catalog plus new items to our website, and we'll let you know when everything is up.

For the latest news and trends, follow us on on Facebook and Instagram.

Aquatic Neo-Victorian/ Sizzle Factor: Iridescent Abalone Shells

Siren Sound's Necklace & Odyssey Necklace, NK5883 - $52 | NK5996 - $45
Sea Nymph Earrings, EP5992 - $42
Bold Beauty Bracelet, BR5997 - $55
Alluring Earrings, EP5998 - $17

Indian Summer / Sizzle Factor: Melon Colored Agates

Melon Colored Agate Necklace & Melon Colored Agate Enhancer, NK7806 - $38 | EN7808 - $10
Red Aventurine Beaded Rope, NK2333 - $24
Coralesque Enhancer, EN7802, $15
Apricot Agate Necklace, NK7809 - $42
Ancient Mythical Necklace, NK6226GS - $42

Tectonics / Sizzle Factor: Rutilated Quartz & Pyrite

Tectonic Force Necklace, NK7812 - $75
Courageous Necklace, NK7804 - $68
(Check back for the names/prices of the bracelets & ring)

Cascading Collars / Sizzle Factor: Cha-Cha Brass

Halo Necklace - NK7805JD (Also available in Black Onyx, Red Aventurine, Pearl and Rose Quartz) - $65
Cascading Strands Necklace, NK8582 - $42
Cascading Moon Earrings, EP8583 - $28

May 2 - 4, 2016
Javtis Center
New York City
Booth #2221

Customer Service
Jan Michaels, Inc.
PH: 1-800-971-7717


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