Introducing 'Tropicalia'

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Jan has tropical fever this season!

It's been a much-needed wet winter and spring here in the Bay. Now we can look forward to longer days and the simple pleasures of summer. We're excited about our new collection Tropicalia that features new stones that can offer much needed regeneration while transporting us to soft sands and azure seas.


Our new Fossilized Coral Necklace and Bracelet showcase a central gemstone that is created when ancient coral is slowly replaced with Agate over millions of years. It's nature's fusion of animal and mineral yielding something completely new and unique.

We're also introducing festive necklaces with a new stone for us called Chyrsoprase, an exquisite apple-green gemstone in the chalcedony quartz family along with Agate, Jasper, Tiger Eye and Onyx. Chrysoprase is also said to promote happiness, lift depression and attract new love. We also have Chyrsoprase Pendulum Earrings and bracelet to match!

Tropical Necklaces
New Tropicalia Necklaces

Fossilized Coral Cuff - Tropical Flavor Necklace - Star Flower Pins in Antique Silver and Brass

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