Curiosities Collection Expands

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We've expanded our Curiosities Collection at the online Jan Michaels wholesale store - See our new modern vintage essentials for the holidays.

Hot new items include: Long necklaces with natural crystal, baubles that you can mix and match with our base necklaces, and a variety of coordinates in luscious pyrite, green agate, cowrie shells, and more.

Long Crystal Necklaces

Brass and natural crystal are such stunning complements.
Drape on these adjustable necklaces solo or double up
for a more layered look. Many have a unique front
enclosure. Other stones include green agate, septarian,
and silky cowrie shell. Prices range from $28 - $55.

Mix & Match Baubles

Select from an assortment of baubles that can attach
to one of our base necklaces or to any chain or rope
of your choice. Select from black onyx, jade, lapis,
agate, rose quartz, crystal, pearl, and more. Baubles
range from $8 - $11.

Sultry Coordinates

View sultry coordinates like this one in shimmering
pyrite. The two-strand necklace has a medieval flair
and combines watch chain and spoked brass with
smoky quartz and jasper accents. The one-of-a-kind
enhancer is a pyritized ammonite - nature's magical
creation from fusing metal compounds into
ammonite over millions of years.

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