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Finding compelling ways to display jewelry is the key to success.

And with the new season, merchandising for Fall (and the holidays) is upon us. Jan loves to visit and highlight unique JMJ displays, but she can't get to everyone. So we thought we'd have you share your displays with us:

If your store has a beautiful (unique, elegant, fun, or quirky) display of JMJ please post up to 3 pictures on our Facebook page with the hashtag #JMJDisplays and inspire others to create a collection perfect for Fall. We'll also feature you in our blogs and social media posts.

What Are Your Favorite Props?
As most of you know, favorite props and materials for our modern vintage line are antique frames and trays, rocks, wood and textiles - Let us know what yours are!

To make an even bigger splash, we recently decked out the new Bay Area outlet with a restored wardrobe with drawers, a back mirror and nifty hangers for necklaces:

A Few Favorite JMJ Displays

Antique Frames
Old, distressed frames
and trays create character
and set the mood for
a gaggle of lockets or
timeless piece.

Draping bohemian pieces
on rocks in muted
tones makes the
jewelry pop.

Whether the wood is
flat or round, an
old jewelry box or
tree branch, the natural
aesthetic is perfect for
vintage brass and silver.

Burlap, jute and canvas
provide just the right
amount of texture and
neutral tones to highlight
most gemstones.

Have Any Other Display Ideas?

Please do post a picture on our Facebook page with the hashtag #JMJDisplays and get featured in our blog posts and our social sites too!

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